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Front 242

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Date de parution : 01/03/1987

Durée : 0:01:56

Style : Electronic

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"also the pastor said, 'stop, preacher! the boy's trying to tell you something!' i-i said, 'i can't understand it!' he said, 'i'll interpret it!' he said, 'that boy is telling you he was born blind... but when you prayed that prayer, _in_the_name_of_jesus_, the lights came on for the first time in twelve years, and now that blind boy can see.' i didn't know this! and the next night, you couldn't get near that stadium. i never saw such a crowd in my life - twenty-thousand people outside that couldn't get in - the government sent over workers - i could tell 'em because i saw the guns - that were in their - in in their - in in their coat pockets - i could see the bulging. and-and-and god even saved them and delivered them and set them free. this_is_what_america_needs! this is what africa needs! this is what india needs! this - we are needed in the troubled spots in the world! we don't need more government intervention - we need a holy ghost revival to let the world know that jesus christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever! it will bring life to a nation! i believe we're living in the hour when whole nations are going to come to jesus christ. can you shout 'amen' - i believe this with all of my heart! hallelujah!" "now before i pray the prayer of praise, here's my twenty-four hour power phone number. whenever you need help, dial this number for prayer. 214 area, 894-6141. bring a friend and share a miracle. get your letter in the mail, don't forget to enclose your generous offering of support, also your extra five dollars for tape number five forty-seven."
- griswold, farrell (preacher)

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