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I wake up every morning with a tear in my eye
I can`t help but think today who`s gonna die
Yesterday it was you today it could be me
Tell me is it true or is it just that i don`t see
Cos around the corner is the two triple o
Triple six is getting closer and i can`t help but fall
Down on my knees i ask god please
Take my soul home with you cos i can`t help but freeze

Showing where`s the groove
Feeling too deep blue

Pain in me deep in me where your soul is going to go
(with the hallow point that got ya)

Yesterday i was home with my tv on
Said i can`t believe my eyes what is going on
Just across the street a kid`s getting killed
With no shoes in her feet in a pile of filth
Laying looking dead never been fed
Dope instead of bread and a bullet in his head
I has to tell you this i hope you listen close
Do you realize where ya gonna go

Get ready with the people on the dance floor

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