Paroles de Animal

Jay Malinowski

pochette album Animal
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Date de parution : 02/03/2010

Durée : 0:03:19

Style : Rock

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It was all blood and teeth
The night he was beat,
So i heard from police
Seething on you, 'it's just a faggot's blues'
Well man, let me sing 'em with you...

Animal, the bondage you've been sold

I'd kick through the night
To some kind of light,
If there was a god in sight
But this body is a cage,
Riddled with shame,
And whose father can it serve in the name?


So call on the guards,
Release the dogs,
Tear it limb from limb
'cause the loser today, is later to win,
But these days, who is looking within?


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