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The Relay Company

pochette album Animals
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Date de parution : 12/02/2012

Durée : 0:03:24

Style : Pop

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We're turning into animals

Out in the jungle i've been hunting like a predator
Searching for someone with a taste to feed a love carnivore
My human skin is disappearing now it's shed away
The inner animal inside of me is taking shape

I see you now so you can run if you want to
I'm ready, ready to chase
Your secret's out, it won't be long 'til i find you
Get ready, ready to play

Your kiss is like a chemical
The only antidote to feed my animal
One taste to curb my appetite
Is not enough tonight to feed my animal
Break the locks off this cage
Adrenalin through my veins
Since your venom changed my dna
We're turning into animals

In my vicinity your scent's an aphrodisiac
As i move closer start to execute my plan of attack
Call it insanity but i wanna get physical
Primitive nature in a world so digital

We're face to face and we can touch if we want to
I'm ready, ready to go
Our lips embrace and now i finally caught you
I'll never, never let go

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