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Right now i could be somewhere far better
Than where i am
And instead of just staying here and feeling
So ashamed
'bout all the things i've written down
That i feel sorry bout now
I could go out, enjoy the sun and have a real
Good time

But since she been on holiday my mind is
Set on her
All i do every single day is missing my
Little girl
Until she's back from where she's now
My life will be what it is now
A pointless waste of time during which i do
Nothing at all

Cos anna's messed up my mind
And now there's nothing i can do

Right now i could go outside and have fun
With my friends
Instead of just wondering what i'm gonna
Do with myself
And will she still love me when she comes
Back from italy ?
I'll see everything black until my baby's back

I wish i could fall asleep and wake up in
A month
Better yet i wish that she had never ever
Left france
Leaving me here on my own
Turning round and round the phone
Waiting for her call and doing nothing at all

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