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Yo, what kinda world are we living in?
This little girl took her world, now she's driven me,
To write a song about anti-bullying.
We all make mistakes cause we only just human
Man, she was only 15, she was cutting through her skin, cause they were saying mean things.
And only does seem that she could've been alive.
*girl cries
Now she's on the other side, so
Amanda todd, i know i'm kinda late.
But out there, i know theres kids that can relate.
So please wait, think twice before you take your own life, while you sitting and you crying all night, just remember.
I wrote every line for whoever.
There is pain in this life, but times will get better.
Enough is enough so we rise and we speak
Before i close my eyes and go to sleep, rest in peace, rest in peace.



Uh, i see the tears running down your face.
You feel trapped and you trynna find a way to escape.
And to the mirror, the image that you see.
Is only a reflection they want you to be. well,
No matter what they say.
I hope you know you beautiful in every single way.
And to the kid that seats by himself,
I say keep going if you going through hell.
Uh, and don't you ever try to fit in.
If you feel lost, just look into the within.
Cause everything happens for a reason.
First it rains, then its a new season.
Skinny, tall, dyke fag, gay, short, slut, whore, white trash.
All these categories never really matter, but you matter.
So i'd rather, keep my heads up if you know what i mean.
Cause it only takes one to stand up against the rest.


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