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Sick James

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A nihilist, turned..


Kinda new to the scene not so much to the workings, darkness, swallowed up the life of me without apology; so now im heartless...

Cancer-dancer; crazy as a mujahideen.. fucked in a graveyard?? i bet you know the answer.. i know that's just a bit obscene...these words are birthed of memory, they culminate the life of me..and vicariously.. that makes me a necromancer. romance is but a fancy word for magic. foreplay with soul, finish in the dirt.. and where a curse would heal...this kiss will kill...
Rebel to anything, especially the mainstream; i really get my kicks that way..
I'm surrounded by drones and robots; programmed minds that work slowly but sure enough, spoon-fed minds; the spoons feed but sewage.. do what we're told like good little puppets...lest, gaze at the villain for playing the nonconformist...
Rebel to anything, especially the mainstream; i really get my kicks that way..
Everything falls apart, i'm not a number...forgotten memories are the seekings of our beings, i have seen the scenes of from flesh to machines;
Save your face, enjoy it while you have one..
In my right mind, heaven; in the left side, armageddon..
Apparition on a mission
White as night, life of fight, got a mother fucking heart, that is daughter fucking cold, as a frozen block of water..popular culture? get with the media, suck their fucking tits as you grasp what they feedin ya...hip hop's been dead, these gangsta's are wankers...rock stars are not stars; be your own god
Call it what you want, when i admit that which you won't.
Im not a maniac.. im just a fucking psychopath and an iconoclastic bandit whos been demanded to be severed from the strings which swing off gods hands.the same one created by manwho created this plan just to rule the land; just to take your landits all about grab and brag, power and control, i guess you didnt know even christ has a price on his soulthe highest bidder is the killer
Killer, adept at gravefilling. got a shift that ill never leave... im like a timesheet, i punch in...grinding! i punch out, and im flossing...all heavily like, well not really.
Who the fuck do you know...sheeps to a wolf.. contend with with me, i'll slay your persona...the devil wouldn't aura's calm as rain, but i strike like lightning!
Soul like an opera, my words are libretto. they stab like stiletto. more go than bloodflow: fresh wound, clean blow..
Who the fuck do you know....