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Matt Smutko

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Another christmas morning,
Bells are ringing everywhere
And carols in the square.
Sleepless children rising,
Let the unwrapping begin
And everybody wins.
And woven through the pine,
Reminders of this time
When giving and sharing feel so fine.

Christmas time delights,
The world is dressed in white,
Silver, red and green, and gold.
Santa's taking flight.
All the christmas lights
Warm our hearts despite the cold.

And when the stores are empty,
The decorations packed away,
And after new year's day
Did we get the message?
When we're giving we receive,
But still we don't believe.
''for unto us a son..."
To show us how it's done.
Giving his life for everyone.

So we give the world
To our boys and girls
On another christmas morn,
A picture of the time,
The holy night divine,
The day that christ was born.

And in a humble stall
The greatest gift of all
Coming to lift us from the fall.

Mary did you know
All those years ago?
Could you hear the angels sing?
That sleeping in the hay
That first christmas day
The lord of lords and king of kings.

I gotta shout it out.
I'm not keeping it all to myself.
Gotta share it with somebody else,
And so i sing....

(c) 2013 matt smutko, all rights reserved