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Miranda Lambert

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Well you walked into my heart like it was some old dance hall floor
I should have known better i had seen your kind before
You rolled in like a tumble weed the texas wind had blown
And i feel another heartache coming on

Theres no doubt about it darlin you're the hurtin kind
Like all those other memories branded on my mind
I fell right into this one you were coming on so strong
And i feel another heartache comin on

Well its a shame you couldnt keep those promises you made to me
Tellin me you would never do me wrong
Another lesson i will learn
Anohter bridge that i will burn
You're just another heartache comin on

Well i guess i'll learn the hard way darlin love is just a curse
Theres no sense in crying it will only make it worse
So we'll go on our seperate ways and i'll be fine alone
Until i feel another heartache comin on
Until another heartache comes along

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