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So we're equal but we're not the same
What i look for you'd just throw away
Down with the water to the river to the shore
I cannot take this anymore

All the stolen, all the broken
All the borrowed, all the blue
All my hate i share with you
Another lesson in pain

Little is the space i own
Yet you don't know that you can't have it

Give me more, it can't be more than i can take
See, there were other friends i've made before
Spoken broken
More for show, for blow
Growing, bowing down and low

As i walk alone
Free my heart from stone

Now see this, see it very well
At the bottom line we're even ordinary
Irritated solo-mutants
Nerve-twisted, longing for some sleep

Attention now, cries tragedy
Finally we're more than just free
Take the good, turn it to bad
Leave a message and me alone

As i walk alone
Free my heart from stone

The ashes come from fire
The fire from the boom
The boom i think was when i pushed the button labelled go

As i walk alone (as i walk alone)
Free my heart from stone

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