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Cody Purvis

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Date de parution : 23/06/2012

Durée : 0:04:05

Style : Country

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Last night when she left
I sat there by myself
And turned on my radio
Thought i'd find
A little piece of mind
From someone doin' someone wrong
Instead i just felt more alone

I don't wanna hear another love song
Where everybody's happy and love goes on and on and on
And nobody hurts nobody lies
The fiddle don't sing
And the steel don't cry
Oh i
Don't wanna hear
Another love song

The last thing you need
When your whole world leaves
Is to be reminded how it was
Cause when you're down this low
All you wanna know
Is someone else is givin' up
And i know she's sure given up

Repeat chorus

Whatever happened to three chords and the truth
God there's gotta be someone out there feelin' like i do

Repeat chorus

No i don't wanna hear another love song

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