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Date de parution : 27/02/2014

Durée : 0:04:16

Style : Rock

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Another machine

Time is a bit like a bomb , gonna make it a song
I gotta feeling everybody wanna sing it along
I'm another machine ,you know what i mean
And i'm about to blow

I'm just a simple man ... what you see is what you get
Man i should get away ... fuck it all its pay day

Don't know i cant decide ... live a life or make a living
I got a feeling a lifetime's not that long

All i wanna know
All i wanna know is everything ... doesn't matter
Where u were before or where you wanna go
Just give me all you got i'll take
And maybe, it wont be enough
I'm only here until i'm gone
Nobody lives forever

The kids are out to play ... copy paste another day
Whatever turns you on ... i'll restart or shut down

You say the grass is green ... but i know the grass is greener
Yeah i got a feeling a lifetime's not that long

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