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Date de parution : 03/12/2012

Durée : 0:05:27

Style : Rock

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Save me, sentimental warrior, i am here to hold you, take the time and
Save me, i don't want to die here, vampires are still crying
So bring me back tonight, back tonight

Save me, ghost of navigator, symbol of the nature, hear my answers
Stay here, lead me to the sunlight, don't be far from my sight
This will be our time, just our time

In this night please come and take my hand
Angel of mercy, play the game, to open this fields, call my name...
And i will erase all the tears from your back

So take my hand and try

Give me another sign to cry, give me another way to hide
Give me another reason and shelter to believe

Treasure hidden in the ocean, lost in my emotion, feel the end of...
My path, is the way to nowhere, but i'm still so strong and...
I feel the end of time, end of time

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