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Johnny Cash

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Another song to sing
do they ask you where i am or where i?ve been?
Do they ever say: ?where is the lonely friend??
Is my name whispered in your bedside prayers?
Do you feel ?a vacant spot beside you there?
Well, there?s always one more path that i must walk,
And there?s people i should sit down with and talk;
And somebody might appreciate the flowers i could bring, so.
There?s always another song to sing.

do you tell them i was wilder than the wind,
Do you remember that i needed lots of friends?
And at other times i?d rather be alone,
Where i could not be found when i was gone?
Well, there?s always one more can you to explore,
To touch the things left sit down gone before;
At the top of the tiniest hill
I can feel like i?m a king, and
There?s always another song to sing.

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