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Poe Lay

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Tonight would've been better with you by my side
And i guess it's all a part of the fight
The wasted time that we've been through held me so tight
And it'll cut me through like a knife

If there's a way to make you mine even for a day,
I'd give anything away from me .. hey ..
Just together hand in hand and another sunset
That's all i'm asking to make things right.


Now it's hard to be in the majority of time
To keep me occupied
Cause' all the time you cross my mind
So, how would i survive?


Well, i ..... need you here no doubt
I'd down on my knees on ground
Cause' it's just nice to have you around
I know how stupid it sounds.
But what makes things worse is knowing that
You won't believe me
No chance before we .. die..
But there's no lie tonight
I'll simply wish to hold your hand
And to make you see
That's how i feel
Why can't you see?