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A.tone Da Priest

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The anti-christ, i rise i rise i rise
(verse 1)
You see its crazy manipulation
Alter your perception, twist education
Erasing the minds of the innocent, they love me cause im me
Thinking i am so benevolent and trying set them free
More fun for me, got a plot a scheme that ive been brewing
Just to get you on my side, make you mine for the choosing
You losing your freedom, im gaining my power
What the master plan, who the man of the hour
Behind this madness, in time you must ask
Is it all for the good, or has greed turned me savage
I prey on the damaged, the lesser the weak
What i seek is your loyalty i move all when i speak
This uniqueness charisma unparalleled by any
If i say it you believe it, think its getting to my head see
Its time for a change here, a new type of order
On the border of torcher prepare for the horror (its me)
Twisted and evil, for my life theyll be no sequel
Im grasping to control of the minds of the feeble
See no evil, as i peer into the mirror
Im blind to the fact, its delusion the no cure for
The furor, anger ensures your possession
The fellowship of men gather all bring your brethren
A better man would lead you with honesty and good
Ill say anything to make you mine inducted in my brotherhood
Should you disagree, rip, you dont fit in this plan
No ones bigger than the goal, no woman or man
God damned your existence since birth im the curse
At first it seem so good, later it cant be any worse
Flirt with disaster im after your souls
And the thoughts that come with them your body as a whole
Made a pawn in my scheme for the end of all being
There is no turning back for i am already succeeding (its me)
(verse 3)
I rise like the sun, to conquer earth
It was predetermined, long before my birth
I been cursed, coerced to take my words in which u listen
And not to aid thy world but place it in a worse position
Somethings in him that frightens after me theyll be no more
Close the door on freedom, making living on a chore
Talk to me lord, arent you curious about my brash decisions
Or the rest of the mentals im enslaving, all of my minions
I blend in yet im different so i feel i dont belong
I must make them feel my pain cause i dont want to be alone
Im here then gone, left are just the words ive spoken
Feel my flame burn cold then its gone leave light for no men
Broken, the spirits i have crushed and left so hopeless
It was never meant to be for them, so im quick to let them know this
Oh goalless ones who have no path ill give your life a meaning
Place your faith in me; i can give you all a reason (its me)

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