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Date de parution : 25/07/2013

Durée : 0:04:19

Style : Alternative

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Everyday it's hard in the city
Don't you see the strung out broads
Looking for shine and poise
Despite the slimmest odds
But you gotta make a noise
Cause life is given but living is a choice

So you work all night
Riding the bus mid-town
Lights are always green
Green, and you're ready to sell out
In the darkness of your life
(not sure)
If morning will come around

So you're anxious (anxious)
Waiting around for time
So you're anxious (anxious)
Trying not to miss your prime
(trying trying trying not to miss your-)

Pride is a luxury you know (you know, you know)
If circumstances were less sweet
And the adults never provided
Your pain has no name
And your thoughts are divided

So you're anxious (anxious)
Love never came your way
So you're anxious (anxious)
If it did it never stayed

And baby i love you
But i want much more much more much more much more
Much more than house cars suburban life and stuff
I want to reach the sky and beyond
And i'm afraid if a lifetime is not enough
So i'm anxious
You say it makes me hard to love
So i'm anxious
Cause nothing's ever enough
No nothing's ever enough
Mm mm mm nothing's ever-
Cause nothing, nothing's ever