Paroles de Any reason

Tanita Tikaram

pochette album Any reason
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Date de parution : 12/09/1988

Durée : 0:03:35

Style : Pop

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My babe lets the moonshine
My babe likes to sail
When you need a reason
Baby's reason

My babe wants a show stopper
To come on board and dance
When there's reason, any reason
Baby's reason

I can drive for miles and miles
I can drive for miles and miles around

My babe wants a warm coat
To keep him shuffling on
My babe needs (incomprehensible)
To just get along, get along
My babe wants to tell you
But talking don't seem fair

My babe needs a reason
Any reason, any reason, any reason
Any place i'll drive you, baby
Any place i'll drive you, baby, yes

My babe wants the use of you
To really lose himself
My babe wants to see you
To see you help yourself

To any reason, baby's reason
To any reason

My babe's sure a short boy
Although he thinks he's fine
To never greet a liar

'cause any reason is any reason
Any reason is any reason
'cause any reason is baby's reason
And any reason, is any reason's fine

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