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Brenda Lee

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Date de parution : 10/01/2006

Durée : 0:02:24

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I wish i could be anybody but me
I wish i could be anybody but me
Lonely, lonely as i can be

Well, i had a true love, had the world in my hands
Now i got a hurt, i can't hardly stand
A little bit of loving would be so grand

I'm not the same old me that i use to be
I wanna be somebody just anybody but me
I got the blues on my mind, blues won't let me be

Now i wanna be free from what's holding me
Take away these tears, take away these tears and let me see
'cause i wanna be back like i use to be

I said, i wish i could be, yes, anybody but me
Yeah, now i wanna be just any old body but me
Because i'm lonely, lonely as i can be

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