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Natasha Bedingfield

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Whenever i am next to you
Is a flood with danger
So i better be aware
Everything you do
I am so attracted to
I keep on liking you
More and more and more


Everybody got the same moves
Like they've all been photoshoped
But baby when i look at you
There is one thing that you're not
Baby you are messed up
That's ok i am to
So baby don't change a thing
Cause i wouldn't be with anyone else but you
Imperfections make me weak
A man who's not afraid to weep
Only shows me that you are deep enough for me to drown in
Imperfections is who you are all your bruises and your scars
You got all the character enough for us to lovin'

Don't wanna be with anyone else
Don't wanna get with anyone new
Don't wanna be with anyone else
It won't be love if it's not with you

You made me change my mind
Things that i didn't like
And now they are some of my favorite thing
I would never expect
That i have no regret
You're different cause you are rough around the edges


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