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Tish Lyndsey

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Date de parution : 10/08/2009

Durée : 0:03:26

Style : Pop

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Anything but leave (t. lyndsey)
If you dont wanna be the kind of man i need
Baby, pick yourself off the ground, pack up your pride, and dont forget your keys
Honey, ive things to do
Sorry they dont include stroking your ego till its quiet, playing your mom, and taking care of you
I need to tell you something
Yes, i have so much in me my darling
See i, i need some space to breathe (darling, wont you give it to me)
And you, you cant be my everything (youre not that reliable)
Youll do anything i need you to but leave
Well i am so confused by what you put me through
You know my hearts not in this bed and baby my head is not in you
If i were ready for love, maybe this thing would do
But the fact is im an actress and your 15 minutes are through (chorus)
Theres no frog or prince charming when it comes to you, my darling
Cinderella, she would never be friendly, no, with a girl like me
I know you think that eventually ill play roles theyre casting
See me cry and pout till you oblige me on bended knee (chorus)

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