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If health care means barack obama
Can yank out the plug on momma,
It clearly shows,
Anything goes.

When acolytes of global warming
See proof of their dire warning
In record lows,
Anything goes.

Are you unemployed today?
Did they dock your pay?
Jobs that go away
Now are gone to stay.
From above the fray,
The politicians say,
"that's just how it goes."

The deadly scheme called fast and furious
Proves that in matters serious
They ain't pro's.
Anything goes.

That coalition of the clueless
Called occupy camps out loo-less,
So hold your nose.
Anything goes.

They're demonizing venture capital
While raising funds from affable
C. e. o's.
Anything goes.

We know that iran has nukes ,
Pakistan has nukes,
Them that can has nukes,
Lotsa kooks got nukes,
And the liberal pukes
Don't care who gets nukes,
Not 'til one of 'em blows.

John edwards can escape conviction
With nothing but folksy diction
And pricey clothes.
Anything goes.

Obama makes a speech on labor day,
So long he might not go away
'til it snows.
Anything goes.

Al gore did *not* invent the internet.
Liberals give him credit, yet.
I suppose....
Anything goes.

The world has gone mad today
And good's bad today,
And black's white today,
And wrong's right today,
And john roberts may
Find a goofy way
To ignore what he knows.

At last we finally got bin laden
Consigned to the ocean bottom
To decompose.
Anything goes.

Bill maher had a colonoscopy,
Putting his whole philosophy
Where it shows.
Anything goes.

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