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Megan Rochell

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Yeah megan rochelle
And another one yeah yeah nas
This is for philly 215
This is for jersey badboy soldier
This is for brooklyn south west
Dj nas

Oeh tell me if i didnt get to you
Cause it seems like you won't come through
You tryin to make excuses for why you hanging out allnight
When i call your phonne al the time
But you dont wanna pay me no mind
But its alright
Cause we break up then we make up yeah
We bove we play are parts
But if you really wanna be with me
Then dont play with my heart
If you say this love is strong
Baby why dont you hold on
You know sky is a limit so dont you forget it
As long if you here boy i never gonna leave you alone
Anything i would do
Anything i would do
Anything i would do
Anything you want me to
Anything i would do
Anything i would do
Anything i would do
Anything i would do
Anything yes i do

Did you mean it when you say you would do anything
And anything
And now you loooking for the wet bring
O want you want for the bigger and the better things
One fight at another i got my second one
Do you remember when we shot till we drop
Had so many backs
That them motherfuckers call the cops
Buttum service
All the nigers take a shot
The jiggle box
Back in the hood bitchess hatin on the block
You got you one web and your one spot
Keep it thight girl i know i make it hot
When they waitin on the welfing all you know is sqaud
Time to loosing
Here come the new friends
Tell them bitchess that they stay out of your
Let them
Worried about they lovelives
They all looking

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