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Say hello, hello, hello
Say hello, hello, hello

Wish that i was just a kid
I'd find some place to play
The world around us
Seems to drown us on a slow decay
I close my eyes
Imagine floating out to sea
Not a sound for miles around
The only man was me

Chorus 1
Still there ain't no use
I'm gettin' it sideways
It's nothin' at all
I'm getting' it my way
Keep imagining cars
Up in the driveway
I'm hittin' the highway

Chorus 2
How can you knock it
You're getting' by
You can do anything
If you try

The things i did when i was a kid
I wish would go away
Be who you are that's who you'll be
That's what i always say
My life's an open book
For all the world to see
I don't bother you but yet
You throw your dirt at me

Chorus 1
Chorus 2 *4

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