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Alain Clark

pochette album Anything
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Date de parution : 18/05/2012

Durée : 0:05:29

Style : Pop

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Lay back
Girl, let your hair down
Come on baby loosen up that button, let in the air now
Take this as an invitation
To a mind and body, my body to your body sensation

Relax, just close your eyes now
You gotta give in to that movin', i lead your follow, yeah
Get down, only to get back up
I got the tightest grip, you can't slip trust me
Ain't no body, just you just me
I would do anything to ya
I said anything

Anything (you wanna do) 8x

Feel me, get a little bit closer baby
In fact, i get so close that we're almost melting over
Tell me how you want me to touch you baby
As a matter of fact, don't tell me at all

Cause we put the move in, but slowly, easy now
We could do anything

Anything (you wanna do) 16x
Anything...what ever

Hold on, i ain't done girl, come on

Anything (you wanna do) 8x
Whatever you want me to do baby, yeah
Said whenever, whatever

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