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Nick Colionne

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Girl, i've been watching you
Watching you all night long
You are somebody
That i like to call my own
I've got to make you
See my point of view
'cause all i wanna do
Is share some love with you

Now baby you know, it's our destiny
To be wrapped up in each other's fantasy?

(anyway you want it)
Anyway you want it tonight, baby
Girl, i'm gonna teach you right
I'll love you everyday and night
(anyway you want it)
Anyway you want it tonight, baby baby
(anyway you want it)
I'll never ever do you wrong
My love goes on..
And on and on

Girl, i'm the kinda man
That you've been looking for
My love is gonna keep you coming back for more
You are the kinda girl
Baby, that i can't ignore
I think i'm falling
And you are fallen for




(anyway you want it)
(anyway you want it)
(anyway you want it)

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