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Jack Davis And Crossbite

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There's a light on in apartment 309
There's a light on in apartment 309

Sometimes things just don't add up
Don't seem to have no reason or rhyme
Laying in my bed, looking at the city lights,
My mind floats back in time

Six months ago, she first moved in upstairs
Smiles in the hallway spoke the loneliness we shared
Day by day, the pull between us grew and grew,
Till the night she lay in my arms the whole night through

But something always stayed between us,
A thing that never had a name
It put a distant fear in her eye,
And an unrelenting pain

I'd ask what was wrong, she'd just smile and turn away
But the shudder i could only feel told me what she couldn't say
There's no hope in the multitudes, when you're the only one
Who can feel the constant shadow and be a stranger to the sun

There's a light on in apartment 309
There's a light on in apartment 309

Her own demons, they chased her
To the very edge of the world
A refugee from midnight,
My sweet tormented girl

Beautiful lady, with a vise grip on her soul
In six months time, i watched her child's eyes grow old
Till she stood at her open window with a plea in her eye,
Then she looked up at the moonlight, and she leaped to the sky

309's been vacant three weeks now
With a padlock on the door
But sometimes, late at night overhead,
I hear footsteps on the floor

When i close my eyes, i hear her whispering my name
I tell myself it's nothing, just my mind playing games
Gotta be imagination, just a dream and nothing more
But then i stare at the crack in my ceiling that pokes up through her floor

So why's there a light on in apartment 309?
Can't shake this feeling, something got left behind

Footsteps getting louder,
Now her door creaks open wide
And now on my door a knocking
For whoever waits inside
And it's for me

It's for me

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