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To Die Alone

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And i sincerely hope
You find yourself
In this place you live now
Where i'm not there
I long to be
In your arms just one more day
But i know
Oh god i know
There is no light when you're not around. you're like a dim lit candle thats burning out
On the table where it sits
But no fire starts.
No warmth is here.
No hope
My body aches.
Like a storm is on its way
I used to fear the sound of the thunder.
And the lightning flashes up ahead
But then i got older
I learned the truth of it all.
There's nothing to fear, because i've already lost the one thing that gave me hope
Its you. 2x

(spoken outro)
So take one last look at your life
And ask yourself, is this where you want to be?
With these ghosts in the walls
Whispering the errors of your past
Maybe its time to just move away
To find your home. your place to stay
And even if you don't
Just smile and say
At least im alive
Even if its just for one more day

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