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Love Like Blood

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Date de parution : 08/09/2009

Durée : 0:04:43

Style : Rock

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I opened wide the door
And ran inside the pub so loudly
And the landlord said"oh hi ya bum,
Do you wanna something to drink"
I answered"beer and sweties
Give me one or give me three"
It seems so strange the only
One talking here is me and i faced...

Apathy and boredom
What's wrong folks what's the point
Whom do you bastards look at
Is it a crime to act human
Kind of living kind of living
Am i alien am i strange
Or am i looking like a craphead
But my words fall into a see
Of bloody haughtiness so deep
And i face...

As i drink my beer and cold
Cold eyes look straight into me
I have no wish to provoke
I don't like to disturb their apathy
I sit down and close my eyes
And listen to this silent music
And my mind is closing down and i fade
And i fade into...

Apathy and boredom

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