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The Vandals

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Date de parution : 25/03/2014

Durée : 0:02:37

Style : Punk

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Just a grunt in a bind in his homeland taking orders from a very very bad man
Just yer average dieter, helmut, or a bertrand i can waste him 'cause i never
Never shook his hand killed by a hero, what are we supposed to do? just a
Loser with a girlfriend getting fat and participation in a very very bad plan
In a nation where the bastards are the unplanned we can waste it 'cause it's such
A teeny tiny hand killed by procedure, what are we supposed to do
(and cornelius says) ape shall never kill ape i say wouldn't that be great?
But some apes, they just gotta go we kill the ones that we don't know not a
Nobody, an actual american beaten silly by another jody foster fan spend a
Fortune to debate the moral conflict and he's protected through it's obvious
He killed a man killed by the system, what are we supposed to do?

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