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Date de parution : 15/08/2006

Durée : 0:05:56

Style : Rock

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...since i was a child, i saw my own way.
And god was not a part of it.

I am so sick of hearing you preach about heaven
All this bull shit about paradise.

Freedom is hell... you're the...
Read all the signs... you're the... son

The christians must stop
From spreading all the lies,
The only way to get to them,
Without fear, when the sun is a god
Have mercy
It's the ending... of your life.

As my mind slips away,
I see no end of this misery
The only truth is myself,
I can't go on this way

Read all the signs
Your the sign

Are you forgetting / i use for killing
To the end of the rainbow,
My own / all alone i know... won't i'll be there...
Nooo!! blood

When the son is the path,
When their time has arrived
Have mercy.
It's the end of your life.

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