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Date de parution : 16/12/2008

Durée : 0:04:53

Style : Pop

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You come alive at quarter to three
You make haste for a taste
In the parking lot of misery

So down it goes, and up goes your need
Yeah, youre fine for the time
But youre on the line, not in between

What can this stuff do to me?
Apothecary, some more of the same today
Fills that need

Youre late again for chemistry class
You were up in the lab
With your chemical head in a flask

The truth is though, your mind is a mess
Youve just taken a dose
Now youre comatose in pandoras chest

And how could i do this to me?
Apothecary, oh please, wheres the antidote?
For me

Looking for ways you can let it out
Sleep in the days, for tonight youll roam about
Pull all the stops, you begin to shout
Lifes a big dream and you sleep til you come out, come out

Fill my need
Fill my need
Fill my, fill my

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