Paroles de Appalachian river song

Marty Falle

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Date de parution : 21/09/2011

Durée : 0:05:21

Style : Country

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Tell me boy whatcha gonna do
Look at all the hurt inside of you
Do we go on or do we die
Can we hold out, can we get bye?

I miss my dad, god rest his soul
Does jesus love me any more?
The hills they do not hear me cry
I cannot stop this river rising
Appalachian river song

This river town died long ago
I do not have one thing to show
For my emily my love so true
Lord show me what i have to do

I do not have the angels wings
I didnt come from a line of kings
Miracles i cannot do
I cannot breathe life into you
Appalachian river song

Dagger deepthis river haunts me in my sleep
I will always keep hope inside me, hope inside me

Dear mama i wont abandon you
We will find a way to make it through
Our luck is long over due
Mama i wont abandon you

The cold wind howls and blows through the skeleton trees
My baby boy i cannot feed
Will jesus christ stretch out his hand, when the taxman comes to take my land?
Appalachian river song
Appalachian river song

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