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Hey girl i don't mean to bug you but
I couldn't help but notice how sexy you are
And baby i wanna know, wassup with you girl
Oh, 'cuz you caught my attention
Out here lookin' like a superstar
And i'm curious to find out who you are

(chorus: x2)
I hope that you don't mind
But i couldn't let you pass me by
Without me approaching you girl
I wanna get to know you girl

I don't usually do this but baby girl i
I'd be a fool if i didn't push up on you
No words can explain how beautiful you are
Oh, you're flawless as can be girl
Out here lookin' just the way you do
And i'm curious to know if i can get to know you


Girl, oh yeah (oh girl you must've fallen from heaven) from heaven
(a girl like you comes one in a million) one in a million
Ooo there's nothing, (theres nothing), nothing (in this world like your beauty)
Girl, you've got to be mine


I wanna get to know you girl
Approachin' you girl
Approachin' you girl

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