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April 26th, 1992
There was a riot on the streets, tell me where were you?
You were sittin' home watchin' your tv
While i was paticipatin' in some anarchy

First spot we hit it was my liqour store
I finally got all that alcohol i can't afford
Red lights flashin' time to retire
And then we turned that liquor store into a structure fire

Next stop we hit it was the music shop
It only took one brick to make that window drop
Finally we got our own p a
Where do you think i got this guitar that you're hearing today?

As long as i'm alive, i'mma live illegal

When we returned to the pad to unload everything
It dawned on me that i need new home furnishings
So once again we filled the van until it was full
Since that day my livin' room's been much more comfortable

'cause everybody in the hood has had it up to here
It's getting harder and harder and harder each and every year
A girl went in the store with her mother and her kids
And i saw her when she came out she was gettin' some pampers

They said it was for the black man, they said it was for the mexican
And not for the white man
But if you look at the streets it wasn't about rodney king
It's 'bout this fucked up situation and these fucked up police

It's about coming up and staying on top
1-8-7 on a mother fuckin' cop
It's not written on the paper it's on the wall
So national guard smoke from all around

Homicide, never doin' no time
D-doin' no time
D-doin' no time
D-doin' no time
Give me my share, my share

Give me my share, i want it
Give me my share, i need it now, i need it now
But there's the wicked one who doesn't wanna see me go
Give me my share, i want it, give me my share
But your don't wanna give it to me, you don't wanna see me go
Give me my share, i want it, give me my share

But there is a wicked one, a wicked one
A wicked one wicked, a wicked wicked wicked one
Doesn't wanna see me go

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