Paroles de April fool

Collin Raye

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Date de parution : 14/07/1998

Durée : 0:03:21

Style : Country

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I'm just a fool for april, there's nothing more to say
Long as i can remember, she's led my heart astray
When i was green as willow, she had me ditchin' school
And even then she tricked me, i'm just an april fool

She tangles dogwood blossoms into her yellow hair
She uses the same perfume the smoky mountains wear
She keeps the flame of summer 'round her neck like a jewel
She breezes in to see me and i'm an april fool

She entrances me and she dances me and she flies me like a kite
And i soon forget she's only come to play
Then there comes a day when she will not stay
And i lie awake all night hoping next time april may

When i walked out this morning, april had up and gone
And it was clear as water, she'd only led me on
And it will be next winter before my heels will cool
And then i will forgive her, i'm just an april fool
She knows i will forgive her, i'm just an april fool

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