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Desert wind blowing hard seeking
Shelter ry to hide
On the run, got to make it, blinded
By the dust
That that fills my eyes
On the move, wihout water, defying
The demon star
How long can i take it, how far
Can i go...

Feel so alone now as the time's
Gone by
I can't believe you're gone
As i ride through the storm
Running for my life i see no end
To it all

They took her life as they
Stabbed her through the heart
And that was yesterday, now i'm on
The run in arabia
They stole my soul in the middle
Of the night
I've got to find a way, out of
This nightmare in arabia

Nights are cold, days are warm out
Here in this wasteland
Running around 'round in circles
Lost in the dunes of neverland
I've got to drink, i need water or
Else i will surely die
How long can i take this, how far
Can i go...

In my dreams you're always there
I'm here all alone... i see your face...

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