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Frederick Roussel

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I'm standin in the god damn desert sands
Standin up on the stolen land
They say i gotta shoot point range
But my conscience keeps gettin in the way
Please watch who you're droppin the bombs on
Don't smell no victory just napalm
This ain't no germany it's vietnam
The captain's...just a mafia don
Baby there's lotta hate out here
Its like another crusade out here
Losin my brain out here
Cant stomach the pain out here
Baby....out here baby
I saw this advertisement for the military baby
All i got is what america teaches me baby
They told me i was special and they said i was brave
They told me that i had a big world to save
They said that love was bigger than hate
They said there'd be justice for humanity
I'm givin 2 minutes silence for everyone that died
I'll see you in the year 2 billion and five
Stop all the violence baby stop all the cryin
Get the truth out and stop all the lyin
I'm sittin in a veterans hospital now
Waitin for the world to stop spinnin around
I'm here when you need me in a wheel chair
Shrapnel in my eye and my left ear
I can't breathe properly or see over there
But i'm here when you need me don't shed a tear
Don't feel sorry when i'm limpin around
With half my body twisted round
I like like there's ___ everywhere
But its just my delusions, the doctor's here
The sympathy pours in every day
Don't get no flowers come my way
I'm just relivin the whole escapade
The world moved on but my past won't fade
Baby there's a lotta hate out here
Its like another crusade out here
Its like another crusade inside
I can't break up and i can't take sides
I can't wake up when im all hypnotized
I'm told i have to stay outta the public's eyes
The man comes to see me writes down what i say
Says i'm schizophrenic and i cant be saved
Of course my imagination took me away
My whole life's a fiction going up in flames

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