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Date de parution : 14/10/2014

Durée : 0:02:58

Style : Rock

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Background lead: seth
Lead: nergal

What fool you are!
From zenith to nadir
Through externalized purity
Sealed ye gates ov your own paradise
Skakti, kali ma, durga ma
Thou art pure in thy sinistry

For those who cannot see
The unconditioned one!
Creatix, matrix, devourer!

Lead: seth

Thee who spits out sun
From thy mouth
In endless momentum -
Kamala's menstruum
On road to immortality
We go against current
To the womb ov kali
Through the mouth ov bhairavi
To the final dawn on chaos

How come we're still alive?
In these kingdoms of filth
When heaven's so abstract
And hell is so real...

Lead: nergal
Background lead: seth

In my church of disbelief
It canst get no better
When days turn from black to grey
In church ov indifference
So innocent in their guilt
Perfect in their imperfection
Let my children play

Lead: seth

In my church ov liberation
When doubts and fears wither away
I stand alone vs. the world
In the church ov man
Where god is trapped in human flesh
I never pray
In church ov pain
I spoil none but myself
Yet my monologue's unheard

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