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Date de parution : 31/10/2013

Durée : 0:04:49

Style : Heavy Metal

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By the blackened dawn of balefire
The imperial necropolis tower
Guarded by ancient wraiths and specters;
Infused, i focus my power.

The chemistries of eternal flesh
Dark runes etched upon the bones
Mortality shed as vestigial skin
I have forged my own fate and throne.

(chorus 1):
Rise, and serve your queen!
Cast minds aside, and lend might to the machine
The arcane promise of potence
Let the stygian assembly commence.

The destiny of my forbears
Those born of charnel bloodlines
To craft the plagues of death and conquest...
The privilege is mine.

I have heard the call of the arcana
Forbidden by cowards and the weak
Dread visions have led me through catacombs
To master the deathless technique

My flesh despoiled and armored
Tattered tendrils and wires, my raiments
The apocalypse at my fingertips
I set forth to make my ascent.

(chorus 2):
Rise and serve your queen!
Cast freedom aside and lend might to the machine
The arcane visions of warfare
The lich queen's doctrine declared.

Seize the knowledge of artifice and sorcery
Carve the pathway to progress in plagues
Ignite siege engines with blood and alchemy
Crush souls upon the anvils; prepare to invade!

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