Paroles de Are you burning, little candle? (alternate version)

Jane Siberry

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Are you burning, little candle?
High upon the christmas tree
Symbol of a new beginning
Faith and hope and sweet release

Remind us of the children's faces
Full of wonder and surprise
Of the laughter in their voices
The sweetness in their eyes

When they wake up in the morning
With the feeling in their heart
That there's joy in the air
And they know that they're a part
Shine your light on me, little candle

Are you shining, little star?
Shining in the skies above
Lift us up into the heavens
Symbol of the light of love

Are you spinning, little dreidel?
Spinning tales of long ago
Spinning past the little cradle
Tell us what we used to know

Remind us

Are you watching, little angel?
High above the christmas tree
Angels all around the world
Hear us as we pray for peace

Remind us

Are you listening, little pine tree?
Silent midst the glistening snow
Symbol of the forest stillness
Deepest joy that man can know

Are you singing, little children?
Singing loud and strong and clear
Singing all around the world
Sing it loud so we can hear

Shine your light on me
Little candle, little star
Little angel, little children
Shine your light on me

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