Paroles de Are you happy now?

Sahara Hotnights

pochette album Are you happy now?
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Date de parution : 24/05/2001

Durée : 0:02:33

Style : Pop

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Work harder, every thing's on the line
Our name and our honor
Show us you've got a spine
Why won't you help us to get by?

I'll follow each step
I'll always be on your back
It's beating too slow
Have you changed society yet?
Why won't you stop wasting your time?

Are you happy now?
Are you getting high?
Whatever blows your mind
Won't make me satisfied

Knocked down but we're up on our feet again
To take control when it's getting out of hand
This time we've got to get it straight

Same old ways won't make no difference
I'm out looking for a change
You like to play it safe
Well, it's a big mistake
You'd better learn, it never pays

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