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Faron Young

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The day you bought your foreign car, you thought it was so nice
A little better mileage, at a little cheaper price
You didn't think about it, you were working at the time
But now you're standing jobless in the unemployment line

Are you hungry? eat your import!
And when you're through, have a few ataris for dessert
Your foreign car but seven more americans out of work
Are you hungry? eat your import!

If your business has no business, don't you cry to me
It's ten to one your television doesn't say ge
Your shoes were made in italy
Your shirt is from taiwan
The only thing american is the levi's you have one


America's always been the leader, don't you sell her short
Remember men like edison, bell, and henry ford?
One question for the government that's sticking in my craw
Why ain't there no harley's being ridden by the law?


Yeah if you're hungry, try the hood over on that dodson, see what it tastes like fella
You'll have to pour boil that tire on that honda to make it tender
Oh you wanna eat upper class? try a bite of that mercedes benz over there, that'll fill you up
Kawasaki? i can't even spell it, pronounce it, let alone ride it!

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