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(the chorus and beat to "rhymin' on the funk" plays, and the beat continues.)humpty hump: yeah! yo, shock, this a funky groove, man, it's kind of funky...
Shock g: you think so? i appreciate that, hump.
Humpty hump: but, yo, player, how come you and money b decided to call it, why did y'all name it "rhymin' on the funk?" you know what i'm sayin'? shock g: well--humpty hump: i mean, like, alright, the beat is funk, and y'all was rappin' over it, so obviously you rhymin' on the funk, you know what i'm sayin'? shock g: yeah, that's what i'm sayin--humpty hump: so why would you even name a song like that, it's obviously rhymin' on the funk, it's like you not tryin' to be creative at--shock g: yo, humpty, man, if you want me to answer your question, you gotta cool out and listen. alright? humpty hump: uh-huh.
Shock g: yo, i just named it "rhymin' on the funk," we kinda, we decided to call it that, because we know the beat's funky and everything, but it, it--humpty hump: ooh, dig it! shock g: listen! just listen! it goes beyond that! the beat's funky, but we wanted to let people know where the real funk came from, we didn't mean funk as in "funky beats," we meant funk as in the funk mob, you know what i'm sayin'--humpty hump: oh, funk mob? shock g: yeah.
Humpty hump: what the hell is the funk mob, bunch a brothers go take a bath? ha, ha.
Shock g: no, no. humpty, listen, man. sometimes you act real dumb, you kow what i'm sayin'? humpty hump: oh, come on! shock g: funk mob is like, you know, all the new def producers who's doin' the fly beats now, like the lynch mob, the bomb squad, pmd, dr. dre-- they droppin' all the hype new stuff, the hip-hop stuff, the funk mob was the old production crew, man, you know what i'm sayin'? the funk mob is parliament, funkadelic, brides of funkenstein, freddie wesley and the horny horns, george clinton, and bootsy collins, you know what i'm sayin'? those kind of people.
Humpty hump: yo, i know, i know all of them brothats, man--shock g: they laid the groundwork, man, we gotta give it up.
Humpty hump: man, i know all of them, bootsy and george clinton and them, but what i'm tryin' to say, is it ain't really like that a new thing, man, the new stuff is dj's and samplers and things, ya got people like me sayin' "stop what'cha doin'"--shock g: they laid the groundwork--humpty hump:--you know what i'm sayin'? shcok g: naw.
Humpty dance:--it's a new thing, it ain't nothin' like you tryin' to back there, the--shock g: alright, humpty, be quiet, man, listen--humpty hump: pffft you can be quiet, man--shock g:--all the hip-hop stuff we doin' now is based on what these brothas did-- james brown, all of these people--humpty hump: i know that, shock--shock g:--you got to give credit where credit is due, you know what i'm sayin? humpty hump: i know this, man, yo, yo, yo, i'm givin' credit, man, i'm givin' credit, all i'm tryin' to say--shock g: no! you're not, though.
Humpty hump: see, you makin' me upset, man! shock g: you're not givin' credit, though! humpty hump: all i'm tryin' to say is that it's cool, man, but it ain't like the newer stuff, man, i ain't from that time period, and i don't understand all of that, and it ain't all that, shock g: so what? you don't have to be, yo, you don't have to be from that time period to understand-, you know what i'm sayin'-humpty hump: it's some of that! shock g: nuh-uh, it's all of that! humpty hump: psssh, aw, man--shock g:"not just knee deep," humpty! humpty hump: oh, uh, i didn't know the funk mob made "not just knee deep." aw, man! shock g: well, that's what it is! you ain't even up on nothin', you ain't even up on--humpty hump: alright, man, shut up--shock g: you ain't up on nothin! shock g: why don't you just--humpty hump: alright, it's most of that! shock g: huh? humpty hump:(humpty is walking away from the microphone and says something barely audible) man, i'm sick of this--shock g: aw, naw, man, i heard you, you said its "most of that." alright, cool, man, you finally gave it up, though! humpty hump: leave me alone, shock! leave me alone!

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