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(phone rings)
Boyfriend: pick it up, pick it up

Eve: relax, dawg. (hello?, hello?)

Boyfriend: pick it up, you donöà‚Å ° be picking up the phone when iöà‚Å à‚¦ around lately
When iöà‚Å à‚¦ around all the time lately and all that shit, man. shit going to your
Head and all that- donöà‚Å ° forget where the fuck you came from.

Eve: yeah, nigga and not from you, relax.

Boyfriend: you know what?

Eve: (sighs)what?

Boyfriend: e gonna have to talk about this later?

Eve: (whispers) he on his period, yo. ( huh, nah, iöà‚Å à‚¦a hit you back, iöà‚Å à‚¦a hit you
Back, iöà‚Å à‚¦a hit you right back. aight, yeah )

Boyfriend: what you say, what you say, what you say? who that you talking all
Crazy on the phone to- who was that?

Eve: oh my god! why is you trippin? damn we go through this every fucking night!

Boyfriend: what do you mean öà‚à‚ºvery nightyou donöà‚Å ° pick up the phone sometimes,
You hiding and shit. who was that on the phone?

Eve: dawg, iöà‚Å à‚¦ a busy woman!

Boyfriend: you öà‚à‚³ busy ever since you can back from california you all
Hollywood and shit, diva shit and all that. every time i gotta go through all
Of this with you! you ainöà‚Å ° been acting like that!

Eve: nigga is you for real? no thatöà‚Å à‚¯ you! you acting like a girl, dawg. why is
You acting like a broad?

boyfriend: hold on, hold onà¥à‚"irst of all, watch your mouth.

Eve: what?

Boyfriend: talking all crazy and everything like iöà‚Å à‚¦ actingnigga give you a
Little extra attention, you start acting like a nigga stressing you and all
That too much.

Eve: you know what? keep your attention, dawg...please! i get enough attention.

Boyfriend: oh, keep my attention? see all that shit
Eve: yeah! and in a matter of fact- roll out!

Boyfriend: roll out?

Eve: yeah!

Boyfriend: well, fuck ità¥à‚Å’à‚¢öà‚Å à‚¦ rolling then!

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