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Ryan Adams

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D: naw, bona drag, baby
R: no, no, it's viva hate
D: no, i looked!
R: it's on bona drag, cause it was a single!
D: two... off..
R: but it's, it's the sixth track on viva hate
D: it's on viva hate too?
R: mm hmm! suede head yeah...
D: cause i looked for it the other day...
R: yeah, it's on there
R: but it's on bona drag cause bona drag is a collection of all his singles
After the first couple of...
D: i dont think it's on viva hate man, we'll have to look when i get home
R: uhhh... betcha five bucks. i'd swear it
D: i'll take that bet
~both laugh
R: okay, it's on there!
~ couple notes on the guitar play, hear ryan strumming...
R: 1, 2... oh! soda...
~random noises from the guys in the background
R: ~in hilarious british accent~ eth, eth's go' a mouf full o' cookies!
~guys all giggle hysterically
B: bum licker! (omg, why? lol)
Someone: eth got beat up by fascists and left for dead (he has the accent ryan was mocking)
R: left for dead!
~starts into "to be young (is to be sad, is to be high)"

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