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Vicious Crusade

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(lyrics by d. basik & al. vertel)

Master's the one who pays, i'm the that imposes his sight,
His lie i turn to truth-bribes are always right.
Inconstancy i maintain, perjury, flattery are admired,
Just like a venal maid i'm despised, but still i'm desired.

I'm your wa to the power, moral decease,
I'm the invisible mower of destinies.

You're rich, will it be long? no one insured in that vicious play,
And slab you stand upon may as well crash you someday.
Masters-i overlive them all now exalt-tomorrow abuse,
One thing's unchangeable i rule, you only loose.
Master's the one who pays, i'm the thing that imposes his ravem
Play this dirty game where i am master and you are my slave.


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