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Da Grym Reefer

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Swift as the wind
Quiet as the forest
Conquer like the fire
Steady as a mountain
Blood in the fountain
Thinking bout malcolm
Thinking bout martin
As i'm steady marchin'

Up this mountain
Thinking bout thousands of warriors
Looking to be
Failure's not an option
May our deaths be glorious
We fight to the death
Cuz the odd are enormous

Cuz we'd rather die
Full of life
Than live dormant
In this fucked up world
Full of torment
In the concrete jungle
Niggaz can't see the trees for the forest
For hopping past the tortoise

Wanna know what war is
When you feel the enemy
All around
But you don't know his name
But he don't make a sound

Dead bodies all around
There's death to your left
And your rifle might just have
One bullet left

Death is in the air
Niggaz don't care
Cuz niggaz don't scare
Niggaz need prayer
There's a war out there
For a niggaz soul
And niggaz don't know
Cuz niggaz too worried
Bout a niggaz being broke
It's a different world
Now that anything goes
Welcome to the globe
Of sodom and gomorrah
Untold horrors
Hoping that i'm not the only one
The sorrah (sorrow)

This is the darkest hour
This is the darkest album
This is the darkest time...
To be a fucking coward
In a quest for power
Standing in the shower
Waiting on change
With not enough common sense
To come in out the rain

I think were insane
Riding on the short bus
Trying to take short cuts

This ain't a dance track
This is a war cut
For these war times
So keep your peace (piece) tucked

Miss joyce: (bridge)

Da grym reefer: (hook)
The world has gone crazy
Like it's armageddon
People so shady
Like it's armageddon
I pray the lord save me
Like it's armageddon

Da grym reefer: (verse 2)
Still waters run deep
So imma keep flowing
Some of y'all ain't gon feel me
I'm already knowing
But what you her in your ear
Is my soul pouring
Through the ink
In the pen
The elephant in the room
Hid in plain sight
They call this the soundtrack
To end all life
Like fanfare for the return of
Jesus christ
A classic case of rising from the ashes
More beautiful
Than you ever imagined

Replaced the critics blanks
With a brandon
Now enters the dragon
Watch the world burn
Brought the gasoline and matches
I wish i could buy
All my enemies a casket
All filled with bullets and molasses
This beat
Is awakening a beast so tragic
Another beautiful mind
Descends into madness
Curtain call
This is the end of the planet

Miss joyce: (bridge)

Da grym reefer: (hook)

(verse 3)
Still on the battlefield
I can't describe the feel
Fair warning
I'm transforming
Into enormous
A motherfucking beast
As i destroy
I'm restored

How is peace the punishment,
When the crime is war?

The rhymes i deploy
Are much more
Than meet the eye
Hear me with your eyes
When you see it with your mind
Now that you envision it
Now witness it
Wake up from the dream
And smell what the business is
I'm getting more annoyed
The more that i'm ignored
The button caption changes
To panic when i press record
Hip-hop unholy war
Blood and gore
From shore to shore
Cuz niggaz ain't telling the truth no more
But spitting folklore
And niggaz wonder why i keep it so hardcore
Cuz niggaz act like porn on disney
Soft core
U graduated at sucking cocks
Job corp
They say i'm greater than you
In year two

Miss joyce: (bridge)

Da grym reefer: (hook)

Miss joyce:

Why can't we see what's happening here?
Open up your eyes and tune in your ears
It's time to take back our babies
Conscious minds awake
So the world can't play me!

At times i know it can be hard
But never be naive
Watch the enemy sleep

I know you feel like giving up
Cuz i know you had enough
The end of all beginnings
See the signs
Here it comes!

(repeat x3)

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