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I was wanking her off the other day
And shes pulling a really strange face
These things happen in situations like this
So i carried on
Made her cum all over the place
Then she tells me, that she was imagining me to be a complete stranger
Well thanks a fucking lot
Nice one
Next time then darling
Ill tip up to yours wearing a mask and postmans uniform
Leave the door unlocked
Just bend over
And ill shove it up your arse
Throw a few letter on the floor
Just for added effect
Bobs your uncle theres your random sex
7 knackered fridges dumped on a peice of wasteland
Next to a house thats burning bridges with all its neighbours
25 kids sharing 2 rooms asda smart price
The bus stops at youth club
Soveriegn cigarettes and mushrooms

Well what are you saying bro? would you like a drink? ill go
I hear youre the toast of the town
Can i kiss your arsehole
You dont tell my bird you wanna fuck her
You fucking leave it michael
You dont say nothing
Sexual encounters like that take a while
Shes gotta get her head round the fact that youre a fat bastard with ginger hair
Thats no offence to people with ginger hair
But i wouldn't want it
Im sick of being talked down to
By desperate blokes in maharishi smoke pants
That shit went down in scaramanga
We salute you

Well what are you saying bro? would you like a drink? ill go
I hear youre the toast of the town
Can i kiss your arsehole
Another do
Ive been invited to that many dos over the last 6 months
By people who didn't want to know me 8 months ago
Makes you sick
I wouldn't mind
But 98% of the music in this city is fucking shit
Armitage shanks a toilet fucking culture
And if youre not getting your arse shagged
Then youre the phanton bummer
Youve heard it all before your gonna hear it all again
Well waht dyou think im gonna sing about
My endless love?
You fucking freak

Id rather die in the gutter darling forget about it
What you do man when youre on your last legs
And you ain't got a plan
Your sheets are all covered in blood stains
Bruises on your thighs
Shagging the right bird
You beds surrounded by beer cans
And empty chisel bags
Knangled by your teeth trying to get at the fucking rock thats melting underneah
Im a vampire
Ive got homemade fangs
I make shane macgowan look like cross between joe collins and karl lagerfield
With his fan
Messy fucker, messy fucker
That stained your life
Its upstated mine
Ive got oil on my ladder
Its on there all the time

Living off your whiz is just a toilet seat

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