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Buck Owens

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Jump aboard that silver plane wave to me through that window pane
Left me with my arms full of empty
Well i'm so sick and tired of gettin' up so sick and tired
Sick old dirty clothes and dirty dishes
I'm tired of all these sleepless nights that drive me up to walls
Tired of having arms full of empty
Oh you took my car and took my money done me wrong and that ain't funny
Left me standing here a looking silly
Jump aboard that silver plane (wave to me through the window pane)
Left me with my arms full of empty
( steel )
(darling if you will come back i promise you that i won't be mad
For i never was one to burn bridges
I ain't had no tender loving care since you've been gone
I've only had two arms full of empty)
Oh you took my car...
Jump aboard that silver plane...

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